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*NEW* Triple Threat Classes! Offering Voice, Acting & Musical Theatre Dance - Offered for all dancers and kids ages 7 and up!

Broadway aspiring dancers are offered to take part in this 2-3 Class per week program which will inspire them to find their voice, learn to emote on stage, and be able to dance with confidence! Dancers will learn songs, monologues, and official Broadway choreography to various classic and new Broadway Shows! This combination of classes with get them ready to make the world their stage as Broadways next Triple Threat! 

This class for young men and women offers a fun and exciting approach to performing in an entertaining and non-competitive environment. This popular class offers hands-on insight into the fascinating world of the young performer, bringing together the three disciplines of acting, singing and dancing into a unified whole. The emphasis in these classes is to strengthen each of the elements equally to create a well-rounded Triple Threat performer. The Triple Threat classes prepare the students to meet the challenges of college auditions, school musicals, talent shows, and professional auditions. Classes are offered for kids starting at age 8 and up!

We will focus on how to approach material and help students sharpen their skills, understand direction and adjustments, make strong choices, relax and most of all have confidence when performing. This class is a great way to foster self-expression, self-confidence, creativity, teamwork, and cooperation! This is a great class for students interested in pursuing performance opportunities on the stage, screen, or musical theatre. 



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