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2021 - 2022 Schedule FAQs

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What type of classes will you be offering?

All classes will be taught in-studio with smaller class sizes or all virtual. At any time moving forward if we need to go online we are ready and have the tools so there will be no disruption in your child's training. For each class, teachers will instruct students participating in-person at the studio and students participating in a virtual classroom using Zoom.

This means there will be two options available for each class at registration and a virtual trial/drop-in option. There is a three-month commitment between September to December 31, 2021. After December 31st  there are no withdrawals for families that are enrolled in classes, and for those families that have committed to the year-end performance in May 2022.

You can register for:

  1. All IN-STUDIO (Studio A&B cap at 14, Studio C caps at 10)

  2. OR All Virtual ZOOM ONLY - All classes are always available virtually as needed by you and your family.

The trial/drop-in class option is a separate option from regular class enrollment. These are $30 per class and there is NO registration fee or 3-month commitment. 


**WE ARE IN ALL IN STUDIO with ZOOM options - If we ever have to switch to a hybrid model later in the season, a rotating schedule option will also be available. This is something the studio will decide to institute based on the outcome of registration after the first few months if ever needed. Students can always zoom if needed at any time.


Will you be limiting class sizes due to social distancing when needed?

Both registration options (i.e., in-person and virtual) will have a maximum number of students who can register:

  •  For the two largest studios (Studios A and B): A maximum of 14 students in-person and 9 students virtually.

  • For the smallest studio (Studio C): A maximum of 10 students in person and 6 students virtually.

This is so we are in compliance with social distancing/capacity guidelines as well as with bandwidth limitations for virtual instruction. By limiting virtual attendees, we want to ensure our virtual attendees have a chance to interact with/receive feedback from their instructor just like they would during an in-person class. Limiting the number of attendees allows our instructors to provide more personalized instruction, which is critical for your dancer’s development.


What if classes fill up more quickly because of the additional size restrictions?

If the number of in-person registrations for a class fills up to capacity, we will consider adding a new class section or you can join us virtually.

What if my student would like to switch from in-person to virtual, or vice versa? 

If your student would like to switch their type of instruction once the year gets started, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate these requests, recognizing that our capacity limits may impose some restraints. We will need to take each request on a case-by-case basis, but in general, anticipate this will not be a problem.

What are you doing regarding the end of the year show?

We are planning to have our Spring concert this upcoming season outside. This show is a celebration for all of our students: new and returning, all of our amazing families, and all of our hardworking teachers and staff.

You can find these dates in our year-at-a-glance calendar.

The rehearsal dates/show dates are TBA if needed.