2021 - 2022 SEASON










2021 - 2022 Schedule FAQs

NEW STUDENTS: Book a one-on-one class consultation or studio tour by calling 215-598-8513



What type of classes will you be offering?

All classes will be taught in studio. At any time moving forward if we need to go online we are ready and have the tools so there will be no disruption in your child's training. 

There is a three-month commitment between September to December 31, 2021. After December 31st  there are no withdrawals for families that are enrolled in classes, and for those families that have committed to the year-end performance in May 2022.

A drop-in class option is a separate option from regular class enrollment. You can choose to take drop-in classes at $25 per class and there is NO registration fee. ( $25 SAG EQUITY UNION RATE )

Will you be limiting class sizes due to social distancing when needed?

  • For the two largest studios (Studios A and B): A maximum of 16 students in-person.

  • For the smallest studio (Studio C): A maximum of 12 students in person.

If COVID restrictions return during the 2021-2022 Season instruction will be provided virtually through zoom or a hybrid schedule to allow for needed social distancing. Although we hope to keep our dancers in-person and our doors open the entire season, we will be fully complying with all CDC and PA Department of Health guidelines.  


What if classes fill up more quickly because of the additional size restrictions?

If the number of in-person registrations for a class fills up to capacity, we will consider adding a new class section.

When will you have the NEW INFO for 2022 year show?

We are planning to have a FULL STAGE THEATER  SHOW for 2022! This show is a celebration for all of our students: new and returning, all of our amazing families, and all of our hardworking teachers and staff.

You can find some of these dates in our year-at-a-glance calendar.

The rehearsal dates/show dates are TBA soon.