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The Pennsylvania School of the Performing Arts was founded in 1996 by professional dancer and Broadway performer, Terri Garcia-Lee. Terri had a vision to bring professional-level training to Bucks County and create a performing arts school where children of all ages are provided with the best dance training in a nurturing and encouraging environment. 


Since then, the school has grown into the area’s most prominent and influential training center for the performing arts. Located in eastern Pennsylvania, PSPA is committed to providing the community with access to the finest dance and performing arts coaching available.


In its twenty-five years of operation, PSPA has helped thousands of children achieve their performing arts dreams and has watched alumni go on to successful professional careers as performers on Broadway, in the Rockettes, and in professional ballet and modern companies.



Studies indicate that proper training in dance and music is a key element in helping children and young adults discover well-balanced physical and emotional development in all areas of their lives. PSPA incorporates the high standards of New York professional dance studios in a non-competitive environment that empowers students to express themselves through the beautiful images of theater, ballet, jazz. modern and contemporary dance. 


Our teaching staff is comprised of arts professionals including Broadway Equity performers, master ballet instructors from Russia's Bolshoi Ballet Company, Pennsylvania Rock School, Princeton Ballet, New York City Ballet, The Joffrey Ballet, The Alvin Ailey Dance Company, and Steps on Broadway. We also offer a number of master class series throughout the year with master teachers such as Debbie Roshe from Steps on Broadway  Todd Shanks, and Bill Hotaling from Manhattan Dance Project.


Located in beautiful Bucks County, PA, our studio was built in a renovated historic barn and has 2 large dance studios with sprung floors, a hardwood tap and voice studio, dancer dressing rooms, and a comfortable and welcoming lobby.

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A child can gain so much from dance class. The lessons they learn in the studio help them to grow as individuals and blossom into their best selves. If you sign your child up for dance lessons at a high-quality studio, you will see an incredible difference at home and at school.


Here are some reasons why you should consider enrolling your child in a dance class:


Boost Confidence


Have you ever felt nervous about stepping onto the dance floor or performing in front of others? Overcoming this natural shyness is a fantastic way for your child to gain confidence. Students also become increasingly sure of themselves as they learn new moves, coordinate with other dancers, and discover that mistakes are merely opportunities to improve.

We Offer a Loving and Nurturing Environment

When you choose the right school, its teachers will offer a nurturing environment that helps your child to feel fully supported. At the Pennsylvania School of Performing Arts, we combine the high standards of NYC professional dance studios with a non-competitive environment that encourages students to express themselves through a variety of styles.

Build Character

Your child will demonstrate their creativity with physical movement and explore the potential of their bodies. As they move in harmony with others, they learn to cooperate and collaborate. At the same time, they will develop self-discipline. Not every step will come naturally, but with patience and perseverance, they will achieve something beautiful.

Encourage Healthy Living

As your child moves up-and-down and side-to-side, they are getting a lot of exercise and learning that physical activity can be fun. Students strengthen their muscles and heart while improving their balance, flexibility, posture, and more. They also develop a lifelong love of movement.

Help Become a Better Student

All of the skills that your child learns in dance class will help them to excel in school. They will feel confident in their ability to succeed and understand that mistakes are just stepping stones on the path of learning. They will feel comfortable working with others. Finally, they will benefit from regular physical activity, which is proven to boost students’ test scores.

Would you like to enroll your child in dance lessons? Click here to check out the classes offered at the Pennsylvania School of the Performing Arts!


Professional Instruction

  • Award-Winning  Voted #1 Best Dance /Theater School of Bucks County Theater for over 25 years.

  • Professionally trained teachers that provide quality performance education that will last a lifetime.


Beautiful and Comfortable State-of-the-Art Facility

  • Flat HD TV's to observe classes and students progress throughout the year. 

  • Suspended floating & sprung floors help reduce the risk of injury and prevent fatigue.


Individual Attention

  • Individualized attention to every student - we meet with all new students to design a program specifically for you. 

  • Assistants in all classes for children.


Variety of Classes

  • A wide variety of fun and exciting classes for all ages to explore the arts!

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