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Below are testimonies given by our loved PSPA families and Alumni.

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"Amazing owner & instructors who dedicate their time and effort in helping every student learn!"

-Barb, PSPA Family

This studio is where my love and passion for the performing arts really blossomed. Without PSPA, I would not have all the opportunities I have in dance and acting, and I would not have the proper training to pursue my dreams. I am incredibly lucky to have found such a supportive family in my middle and high school years, and am so grateful to always be able to call it home. Even during a pandemic, our love and passion for the performing arts remains, and the studio does a great job at keeping the students and teachers safe!

-Veronica, PSPA Alumni


PSPA is a place which students form a sisterhood/brotherhood with their fellow students as they grow up together and experience the joy of the performing arts from one of the most nurturing and dedicated studio owners in the area. As impressive as Ms. Lee’s professional performance background is, it’s the love that she shares with her students and the parents that shines brightest. The children are taught the important of hard work, dedication, community outreach, and how to be supportive of others without the sense of competition. My daughter is an only child and having been a part of the PSPA family, she still to this day has sisters that share in each others joy wherever they may be.

-Sheena, PSPA Family


PSPA dance is the most professional company you can find in the Bucks County area. Their annual show is like going to Broadway. The skills that the students learn there will help them through their whole lives: kindness, discipline, stamina, physical fitness, and service. Get your kids off of their digital devices and into the studio with Ms. Terri. You will never regret it.

-Sandra, PSPA Family

"Wonderful Teachers! Beautiful Studio! Caring safe environment! Excellent technique classes in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Voice and Musical Theater! This studio is perfect for dance students and theater artists who wish excellent training from the start for a future career in the Performing Arts! PSPA is a great place where beautiful friendships are formed. PSPA focuses on all aspects of nurturing future artists with technical detailed training. Fun and creative classes for all ages and performers. We are very please with their dedication to providing a very clean and safe studio. Thank you so much to the Director, entire staff, and dedicated teachers for their continued excellence and care during this difficult time for all."

-Rose, PSPA Family


Professional, non-competitive, and fun. The Pennsylvania School of the Performing Arts is everything you could ask for in a well-rounded dance education. Terri Lee brings in the best teachers in the area for her students - and it shows! Not only do many of her students going on to professional dance/theater careers (and Broadway), but they are all taught from a young age how to act and handle themselves in a professional environment.


Amid the uncertainties and restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, PSPA continued to foster a sense of community with their students by providing consistent distance learning, special virtual workshops, and when it was safe to do so, in-person classes with additional health and cleaning measures to ensure a safe environment - all delivered with the same top-level experience and professionalism that has been synonymous with PSPA for 25 years.


There is so much encouragement and love in this organization, it is the perfect studio to bring a child through. There is no doubt that this dance school is the best in Bucks County.



There are so many great things about PSPA.  I was an employee for 2 years but have been a part of that studio, in some capacity, for at least 6 years.  The owner, Terri Garcia-Lee is what makes the studio home.  She treats every dancer with respect while pushing them to be their absolute best.  She also takes the time to get to know each child AND their family, making the studio/dancer relationship a strong bond.  Additionally, the dancers support each other and truly lift each other up instead of competing with one another.  Terri will go out of her way to accommodate her students to make sure that all students have equal opportunity.  She has provided her dancers with many professional opportunities that have allowed her alumni to continue to pursue a professional career in dance and/or theatre.    Her training is held to a high level of expertise in all styles and she hires professionals who are still actively in the dance and theatre industry.  This studio truly is a hidden gem of Newtown, PA.

-Lisa, PSPA Faculty

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