Tech Week / Show Information for Gallergher Room Volunteers

Tech Week 2019
June 4 - June 7, 2019

Notes and Procedures for Gallergher Room Tech Week / Show:

(last updated 4/22/2018)


General notes:

  • Students are assigned to tables in the Gallergher room.  Volunteers are assigned to tables to focus on preparing the students for that table.

  • All students as well as volunteers are to sign-in/sign-out at the security desk

  • Students are never to wonder off on their own, all bathroom runs are to be accompanied by a chaperone

  • Keep room and students as quiet as possible and keep them focused

  • Some students may also have homework during tech week in between pieces to do and may need reminders

  • Most important - help keep all students safe, no running



  • Before students arrive, please find all costumes for your table and hang them out at the student's table rack

  • Check that the student has all the require costume pieces and shoes


Upon student arrival:

  • Help the students get into the first costume piece (check with room leads regarding timing, we try to keep the time in costume minimal to avoid getting them dirty, especially the little ones)

  • Check that the student has all the appropriate hair and make up - most of them will need hair and make up touch up - we never share combs, makeup or makeup applicators.  The students should bring their own, but cotton balls and swaps are available for makeup application as well as a few extra combs in the room.


During the pieces:

  • Stay alert for timing of the student pieces at your table so you can prepare the students' bathroom runs and costume changes.  Some of them will need quick changes.  

  • If you have a table with many quick changes, work out with neighboring table volunteers to help out with the quick change if their table is not active at the quick change time.

  • Ask the little ones to go to the bathroom ahead of time


Clean up and Dismissal**:

  • At the end of rehearsal / show, please make sure all costume pieces/shoes are packed back with their hanger and bags so they are ready for the next show

  • Please help to clean up the table and surrounding areas

  • Please make sure you do not leave before ALL the students at your table have been picked up by their parents 


Lunch and snack time:

  • Be aware of any allergy concerns or choking for the little ones

  • Keep an eye if some students may have brought some food items that may be messy (chocolate milk, ketchup) and prone to spills (mothers know :) ) and mitigate if needed...we have no extra costumes.



We use Trello App for organizing dismissals, for parents installed and added to the Trello group

- Watch for students listed in the "Pick up Waiting" column

- Locate the student from the tables and bring to front of Gallagher Room where parents will walk the students in groups to the Security Desk 

- Security will receive the students and check off departure list, ensure that the parent indeed is there, then move student name to "Gone" column in the app.