PSPA and SIMBT is known for its captivating, professional-quality performances that involve many mediums of art and incorporate all levels of the school. Stay tuned for upcoming performance details and be sure to view our photo gallery and video gallery of past shows!
2017 PSPA's Broadway Tribute 
featuring pieces from the Newsies, Phantom of the Opera, Matilda and more!

2016 BRAVO to a SOLD OUT
20th Anniversary Show 

Spirit In Motion and The Pennsylvania School of The Performing Arts of Bucks County celebrates 20 year in helping thousands of children live their dreams in studying quality performance arts, realized in our amazing productions.

In this 20th anniversay show, former alumni members and new students will be re-uniting to celebrate, rejoice and enjoy a fascinating voyage through two decades of dancing and giving back to the community .The event will take us back to the beginning with a series of celebrations through imaginative choreography and inspiring pieces from past and present.

2015 Production of
Alice in Wonderland 

2015 Moscow Ballet

The Great Russian Nutcracker 

The PSPA dance school  is  the Philadelphia Host School for this wondeful 2016 Holiday Season for "The Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker 2016"

Over sixty children from the Philadelphia area will perform with "The Moscow Ballet - Nutcracker"  Auditions will be held for the December 2016 Moscow Nutcracker in August for ages 6 and up. Check Back in July for more informaiton.  For more info please call 215-598-8513 or email us at: 


June 7 & 8 2014: BRAVO!

"Madeline Adventures"  & "Dances for Unity"


BRAVO SIMBT and PSPA! To amazing SOLD OUT SHOWS! The Pennsylvania School of the Performing Arts and non-profit Spirit in Motion Ballet Theater is so proud  of, "Madeline and Dances of Unity"  that was on Saturday June 7th at 2:00 pm & 5:30 pm and Sunday June 8th at 2:30 pm.  Professional dancers joined the beautiful young dancers of this spirited troupe dance to fun and uplifiting music in a unique two-act production. The production opened with “Dances of Unity,” a tribute to the former South African President and fearless leader, Nelson Mandela. This montage of movement, inspired by Mandela’s legacy, will illustrate the hardships he overcame, the trail that he blazed and show how one man’s dream can change the world. In Act II, we follow "Madeline's Worldly Adventures" the tale of a young girl and her friends as they embark on the journey of a lifetime! Proceeds from this incredible performance will go to support local organization, "Come Unity," a non-profit that helps bring clean water and to provide education for girls in Africa. Visit for more information.

"Coming To America" 2013 was Amazing!

The Pennsylvania School of the Performing Arts is happy to say that thier past spring 2013 performance, "Coming to America" The Pursuit of Happiness." 
won standing ovations and voted the best show in the community. PSPA is known for its Broadway-like productions that leaves the audience feeling touched and inspired! As will all of our shows, This year we have chosen to donate the proceeds and collected can goods for the food pantry to the Bucks County Housing Group. To learn more about "Coming to America: The Pursuit of Happiness," visit the show page here.

June 2013

"Madeline" Gives Back

June 2012

The funds raised during PSPA's "Madeline's Adventures & Dances of Hope" are a contribution to the water well project and the people in Kenya.  This well will benefit the community of Ongata-Rongai, a slum area just outside of Nairobi, the capital city.  Nearly 45,000 people live in Rongai.  The main road is paved while adjacent paths are made of dirt and lined with garbage and sewage. Most days there is enough food to supply the orphans with a breakfast of porridge and a simple lunch.  Some days there is not. 

Spirit in Motion Ballet Theater joins to help Kristin Scott- Naylor again, PSPA/SIMBT guest choreographer and performer, who is a professional dancer   Ms. Scott spent seven weeks living in Ongata-Rongai last summer working at ‘The Center’.  Last year money raised through an event like  “Dances of Hope” paid teachers’ salaries, bought backpacks, took kids to the hospital, bought mattresses for families sleeping on the ground, purchased firewood for cooking food and much more.