Matilda Costume Needs

(as of April 4 2017)

Costume needs may be subject to change as needed)

Base Layer / Leotard : 

Girls: White camisole leotard

Boys:  Black underwear briefs

Legs :

Girls : White ankle socks, no ruffles  (Example1, Example 2)

Boys:  Gray knee high socks (Example)

Shoes:  Black canvas ballet slippers

Hair : 

Girls - Creative Classes: Hair parted in the middle with 2 Pigtail Braids going down the back  (Not a french braid).  

See also videos on this page.

Girls - Older Classes:  Side part, gelled down low bun

Boys : Side part (if long enough), gelled down


Girls: Faux Diamond Stud Earrings / Clip on / Sticker (may be purchased from School)