Hair, Make-up, and Earrings

Standard Ballet Bun - the standard ballet should be at the line of the ears and flat, never like a door knob.  Gel hair thoroughly and slick back fly-aways.  Cover and bobby pinned with hair net of hair color.  Here's how it should look like when you are done.

Here are some how-to videos for making a great ballet buns:

Half up Half Down Pony Ballet bun for creative ages 3-5 - this is really handy to do right for transitioning between a piece that needs a bun and a piece that needs hair down.

Here's a helpful video on how to do that.

Show Make-up - is intended to be more than your daily make-up so that it's not washed out under the strong stage lights.  It is also important that all members of the same piece get the same colors (see make-up color recommendations for your show piece)

Here are also some very helpful videos showing stage make-up application that will be required for Tech Week and Show. 

Earrings - for some show pieces, earrings are used to give it that extra sparkle.  Typically the crystal color 17mm ones like below are used and available in pierced or clip-ons.  For the little ones we can use the stick-ons rhinestones available at craft stores.

Pierced earrings for sale at the school :

Small 2 pairs for $20 or 1 pair for $12

Large 2 pairs $25 or 1 pair for $15

For those who need clip-ons, this link is one example.