Company Pieces Costume Needs

(as of April 26, 2018)

Costume needs may be subject to change as needed)

Madeline Intro and Madeline Luggage

Base Layer:  Nude Leotard with White Briefs or White Leo

Legs : White convertible tights

Shoes:  Black canvas split sole ballet slipper with white elastic

Hair : Two braids


Base Layer:  White Leo

Leotard / Top: 

White Camisole Leotard, 

Royal Blue Booty Shorts

Legs : Nude convertible tights

Shoes:  Nude character shoes

              NOTE: They scuff off, get shoe polish to cover as needed.

Hair : TBD

Under the Sea

Base Layer:  Nude Leotard (if a mermaid)

Legs : 

Shoes:  Canvas nude half ballet 

Hair : TBD

Moana Helpers

Base Layer :

Nude Leotard  , 

We need your White booty shorts on Saturday April 28, 2018 to have hula skirts tacked onto.

Aladdin Helpers

Bring your ballet shoes in to dye!