Nude Base Layers

If you are only in show pieces  with the same color leotard and tights, then just put the tights UNDER the nude leotard as normal.  

(Also during barn rehearsals, you can also put the tights under the leotards if only ask to come in one of the colors)

Only if you have more than 1 color leotard / tights for the show, then read this section :

Why you need a nude and another color leotard?

Many of our students have quick changes multiple times throughout the show.  There are no private dressing rooms / at the show.  Wearing a skin-colored leotard THEN a color leotard of (e.g. white/black/purple) or tights on top is so that they do not have to take off all of their layers to change.

If you have multiple color leotard / tights, then the dressing order is:

1) Nude base layer

2) Tights goes on TOP of base layer

3) Top leotard (e.g. the white one) 

4) Finally the costume

Image links to sites below for your convenience only.  You may feel free to choose other brands with same color and similar styling.  

Example 1: Bloch Essential Camisole Leotard

Example 2: Capesio Girls Camisole Leotard

Example 3: Theatricals girls camisole leotard - nude

Example 4: Capezio's Women's Camisole Leotard

Low back design

Nude under layer bottom

For older girls

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