The Pennsylvania School of the Performing Arts

is now the official Broadway Babies & Broadway Stars and

Ballerina Dance Academy!

Monday & Saturday Creative Dress Code Ages 3-5 & 5-7

All Pink Leotard, Tights, No String Ballet Shoes, Hair in Ballet Bun

PSPA Studios Creative Ballet &
Broadway Stars/Babies Dance Academy 
 Musical Theater / Tap Classes
Monday 4:15 & 4:45 Ages 3-5
Monday 4:30 & 5:15 Ages 5-7
Saturday 9:30 & 10:00 Ages 3-5
Saturday 9:30 & 10:15 & 11:00 Ages 5-7 

The PA School of The Performing Arts 

The Pennsylvania School of the Performing Arts is now an official Broadway Stars and Broadway Ballerina Dance Academy! Each month your child will learn new dance skills and steps.   The PSPA Broadway Stars & Ballerina Dance Academy curriculum at The Pennsylvania School of the Performing Arts is designed by master teachers and child development experts.The Pennsylvania School of the Performing Arts believes exposure to more dance styles, workshops, conventions, multiple teachers, seeing Dance and Broadway Shows means more benefits to your young dancers. Both ballet, jazz, and tap dancing can bring special physical and mental benefits! Also taking combination classes is a great opportunity for tiny dancers to master both ballet, Jazz and tap-dancing skills and learn the spirit,love and joy behind each dance and movement.

Watch this video to take a look inside the  Broadway Babies/Stars Ballerina Dance Academy!